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Greetings from the Sunshine State!!!!!

And crikey it’s sunny, like REALLY sunny. The temperature has barely fallen below 95 degrees since we arrived and apart from the occasional afternoon tropical storm, the weather is phenomenal.

As for our accommodation, we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot. For £12 a night on an RV park we were a little concerned to say the least about what a trailer trash hell hole we’d booked ourselves into for 6 weeks.

We arrived late at night, located our rental cabin and quite literally jumped with joy when we walked in – it’s lush!!!!

It’s so nice in fact that we didn’t unpack, convinced there had been some sort of mistake and we’d be turfed out the following morning. However the sales office confirmed the following day that we were in the right cabin and the price was indeed just £12 a night. Sweet!

Home sweet home:



We have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry room, walk in wardrobe, aircon and a fully equipped kitchen. Oh and a SOFA!!!!! Yep a real-life cushioned sofa for sitting on. Heaven! It may seem like modest accommodation to the average holiday go-er but after a year of shared stove tops, shared bathrooms, coin operated laundry, evenings sat up on hard beds and living out of bags, this is nirvana for us.

For the first time since we left the UK, we unpacked our bags, finding all the bits n bobs we thought we’d lost along the way. The highlight for me however was realising we had a dishwasher, I very nearly wet myself.

It didn’t take us long to realise that our RV park is actually an over 55’s retirement resort, although we’ve yet to see anyone younger than 90. It’s like a scene from Cocoon around the pool with orange leathery skin and knee-scuffing breasts in every direction. And no, I am not referring to myself.

There are defibrillators dotted around the park along with wheelchair ramps and signs written in giant fonts. Despite being reminded of our mortality at every turn, we really like it here. It’s immaculately clean, very quiet and our fellow residents have made us feel really welcome.

The RV Park - extraordinarily quiet:


Getting into the pool in style:


The oldies are overwhelmingly patriotic and typical all-American couples. Each cabin is adorned with a giant American flag and a kitsch sign stating who owns the cabin and where they’re from.

Our neighbours are ‘Larry and Marge from Idaho’ and ‘Mitch and Peggy from Philidelphia’. Both couples have gone home for the Summer which is a shame as they sound like an absolute riot.

Florida itself is a pretty strange place. It’s basically a motorway connecting various beautiful beaches where old people come to live out their final years in the sunshine. Gods waiting room if you will.

Though we can see why people want to retire here – the sun is never ending, the ocean is crystal clear, the locals are so friendly and the food, drink, fuel and accommodation is dirt cheap.

One of many beautiful sunsets down at the beach:


So what have we been up to? Well in a word – nothing.

We came here to relax and that exactly what we’ve done. We get up late, chill at the pool for a few hours then spend our afternoons napping, watching telly and doing crosswords (OK, so Jase wants me to clarify that I’m the saddo with the crossword book, not him).

Mooching in the sunshine:


With our accommodation costing us so little, we decided to book ourselves into a hotel in the Florida Keys for a few days. We packed an overnight bag and made our way to the Keys – and did bugger all down there too!

We pottered around Key West, bimbled around Marathon, spotted turtles, watched dolphins playing in the crystal clear waters and enjoyed beautiful sunsets. Jase was so relaxed that he took just a handful of photographs the whole time we were there - unheard of!! Our pace was so slow we were almost going backwards.

Bridge to Pigeon Island:


Breezy day in Key West:


Local wildlife:


Taking yet another rest in Key Largo:


Old habits die hard as we stuffed our bags with all the toiletries from the hotel before we left the Keys, including toilet rolls. What on earth is wrong with us? Are we now hard wired with this pikey backpacker behaviour? Friends and family ought to hide their spare bog rolls before inviting us to stay in future.

Apart from our short trip down to the Keys, we really have nothing else to report. You know it’s a dry spell when dishwashers and toilet paper are noted as particular highlights.

Given that we fly back to London in just 3 weeks’ time, we both agree we need to make it count and actually do something before the rigor mortis sets in. Assuming we can muster the energy, we should have a little more to update you all on when you next hear from us.

Meanwhile I gotta dash – it’s 6pm and I’ve been invited to play shuffleboard with Rita from number 30 tonight.

Toodle pip.

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